1975-1982: Toured Scandinavia and made a number of albums 
with the rockgroup ”Ensamma Hjärtan” (The Lonely Hearts).

1982: First Solo album - ”Pekkanini”

1986: First instrumental solo album Spotlights.

1983: Started together with fellow musician Gunnar Danielsson 

the pop duo "Danielsson & Pekkanini" (4 singels and 2 full lenght albums).

Since 1982: Composer for theater in Sweden, have composed music for more than 100 theater plays.


Theremin player with more than 350 000 video views on Youtube, 100 theremin compositions on the internet for sale or for free download. Collaboration with musicians from Sweden, France, Italy and USA.

April 2010: PEKKANINI wins the category ”off the beaten track” in the London based web competition THE PEOPLES MUSIC AWARDS with his song ”Theremin goes Pop!"

Solo theremin album N 1 

"THEREMIN MAGIC" out 2010.

Solo theremin album N ̊2


Solo theremin album N ̊3

"Theremin tunes played in odd bars" out 2013.

Together with ENRICO PASINI: CD "SONGS" 2013.

2015 - Solo theremin album N ̊3

”Pekkanini In Thereminland” 

2016 - Pekkanini & The Thereminland Band - 

”Guitars and Theremins”

2017 - Solo album: ”Lupec-2”  Winner of

Clouzine International Music Awards 2017

2018 - Together with Enrico Pasini: ”Songs 2”

May 4 2018 - Album: ”The Dancin’ Spy” 

Winner of Clouzine International Music Awards 2018

August 24 2019 - Album:

”Characters Of A Dream Play”

Silver Medal in The 2019 Global Music Awards

for ”The Ballet Girl” .

Also Silver Medal in The 2020 Global Music Awards

for ”The Poster Man” .

April 17 2020 - ”Once Upon A Time In My Town”



Characters Of A Dream Play


Once Upon A Time In My Town


”Pekkanini” 1982            ”Spotlights  1986